The cast consists of five main personas, each with their individual role and function on the show.
Simpsons bt

From the top left: Kyle, Deacon, Ben, Fraser and Becky in their Simpsons cosplay.

  • Fraser Agar - The show host and president of FFStv. Also he is God.
  • Becky Blow - Fraser's second-in-command and designated chat-reader.
  • Ben Taylor - One dyslexic son of a gun.
  • Kyle Huinink - The token cool guy.
  • Deacon Publicover - Fraser's hipster nemesis.


  • The Kitties - Hugo and Ruddegar, perhaps the most beloved characters of the entire crew.
  • The Mods - Fraser's loyal and somewhat infuriating minions.
  • Team Chat - Almost never dependable, sometimes with good intent.

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