Scene It? Twilight Edition


Fraser, Ben, Kyle, Deacon


4 player versus


May 5th 2010

No. of Parts


This episode trolls the Twilight movie quite hard.

Quotes from this episodeEdit

"I guessed left when I should've guessed right." - Ben

  • Fraser: "In the Twilightning round, you lose points if you get a question wrong."
  • Ben: "Not for the faint of heart!"
  • Fraser, reading: "Watching Bella sleeping is kind of..."
  • Kyle: "Boring!"

"Why are you watching me sleep? I don't know, it's kinda boring." - Fraser

"Pictures! Pictures of Edward! Yes!" - Kyle

Notes on this episodeEdit

  • Out of the whole gang, Kyle is (or was at the time) the only one who has actually seen the movie Twilight.

Links to this episodeEdit

  1. YouTube - Scene It? Twilight Edition - Video Games AWESOME!,

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