Rebecca Frances Blow (Born in 1985) (Mostly known as Becky) officially joined the VGA cast on November 30th 2010[2] (after Ben left the show), but was involved even before that as the show's Executive Producer. As a replacement for Ben, she was initially seated in the back row, while Deacon took the seat next to Fraser on the couch. It wasn't very long before Becky was moved up and Deacon (being Deacon) was put back in his place. Becky is probably the person who reads the chat the most during live streams, and she has become known and loved by the fanbase for giving the chat the attention it so desperately craves; whenever she isn't there (e.g. when Fraser and Ben play on their own), the chat often laments her absence.


Becky is the only girl on the show, and as such she is the most feminine of the group (although Deacon is a close second). She has dark-blonde hair that tends to look a bit ginger on screen and she likes to wear her hair in pigtails. She has a tattoo on her left arm that says "Fortunata" (source). Becky has a fondness for boobies and cocks, and often praises them on the show. Becky only recently has been more of a yes girl to Fraser. She only listens to him and never questions him only when Fraser has enter territory of controversies or pisses of a fandom. She is loved by the chat and the fandom on her exquisites designs to Hank and recently the Turbo Buddy.

Personal LifeEdit

Becky is a big fan of Mortal Kombat's Mileena, as well as Eve whatsherface (source). She seems to have a knack for baking and actually made the Portal cake for the Portal 2 single player show (link). She likes games like Dr. Mario, Animal Crossing and Tetris, Becky also makes the various costumes as seen on the show.


"I'm a giiiiirl!"




"Do you know how cute my little pinkie toe is?"

"That ass gone to waste" - Grand Theft Auto 5

Trivia Edit

- Makes and creates costumes for the cast including herself to wear on the show such as video game characters.

- Really dislikes "Monkey Watch" in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

- Her username in Animal Crossing New Leaf is MissBlow.

- Has traveled to Japan

- Has traveled to Switzerland

- Accidently got smacked on the head by Ben's Wii mote during a gameplay of Nintendo Land.